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      Welcome to the ACTS Community of Lubbock website!

      An ACTS retreat is designed to help participants enter into a new or deeper relationship with Christ and fellow laypersons. This is accomplished through Adoration and daily prayer, the call to Community as a member of the Body of Christ and Theology by encouraging the study of scripture and our Catholic Faith—all of which emphasize and encourage the virtue of Service to our Lord, our parishes and one another.

      After the retreat, participants become members, brothers and sisters, in the ACTS community.

      ACTS is a welcoming community of loving service. We pray you will become a part of it.

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      ACTS Prayer Line Update

      Dear ACTS Sisters and Brothers:
      Due to the changing needs of our Lubbock ACTS Community, we would like to share with you an updated process relative to the ACTS Prayer Line. We will now feature an Announcement Line under the "Home" tab, which will be sent once a week on Saturdays.  Prayer requests will continue to be sent out as often as possible throughout the week, but the community will now have the opportunity to send announcements to spread the word on spiritual growth and ACTS activities.  The Announcement Line will use the same email address as the current Prayer Line (prayers@actscommunityoflubbock.org).
      In order to ensure that the Prayer and Announcement Lines remain a positive service to the community, we ask that the following guidelines be followed:
      Prayer Line
      ·     - Requests should be specifically for prayer.
      ·     - Requests must not contain any type of solicitation such as requests for donations or personal help.
      ·     - Requests must take privacy into account, and personal information should be limited, especially in controversial situations.
      ·     - Prayer requests deemed as inappropriate for the prayer line will be kindly returned for editing. 
      Announcement Line
      ·     - Announcements will be sent once a week on Saturdays only.
      ·     - Announcements should be geared towards the good and spiritual growth of the ACTS Community.  Only event announcements promoting        spiritual growth or Diocese/Parish support will be accepted.
      ·     - It is the responsibility of the sender to submit announcements in time for weekly delivery. 
      ·     - Announcements should not contain any type of solicitation such as requests for donations or personal help.
      ·     - Any announcement deemed inappropriate for the prayer line will be kindly returned for editing.
      ACTS Core